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Meet Dr. Robert Shick

Millburn Dentist Dr. ShickFocusing on comprehensive dental care for the entire family, Milburn, NJ dentist, Dr. Robert Shick, offers dental services ranging from basic preventive exams and cleanings to modern cosmetic services such as teeth whitening and Lumineers porcelain veneers. Expert in restorations, Dr. Shick also rebuilds failing smiles with high-quality dental implants.

At his Milburn, NJ practice, Dr. Robert Shick has invested time and painstaking skill to give his patients the best comprehensive dental care. While no smile can flourish without good preventive care by way of oral exams and hygienic cleanings, Dr. Shick understands that a winning smile goes beyond having no cavities. It’s about a strong foundation for great overall health and a happy self-image.

Dr. Shick wins a top dentistry award

Because of this understanding and commitment to excellent patient care, Dr. Shick received the 2015 Patient’s Choice Award for Dentistry (New York, NY). Delivering care in a comfortable, friendly and listening atmosphere, Dr. Shick and his team at Dental Charm offer excellent restorative and cosmetic dentistry to build and complete a beautiful and healthy set of teeth and gums. And, given the award, patients have taken notice.

Leading edge dentistry in Milburn, NJ

Are you dissatisfied with how stained and yellowed your teeth look? Of course, you want your natural teeth to look their best.

Dr. Shick understands and offers individuals with healthy smiles advanced teeth whitening. Ava a Quickly improving tooth color up to 8 shades in about an hour, professional in-house whitening uses safe and effective gels to power out stains from medications, food, smoking and highly colored beverages.

For individuals who want to try whitening at home, Dr. Shick has custom-fit whitening trays and a gentler peroxide gel for home application. This whitening takes more time but produces outstanding results.

Also offered are porcelain veneers or Lumineers. When teeth are darkly stained, chipped, cracked or poorly spaced, beautiful Lumineers provide a custom-crafted, durable covering that remains amazingly beautiful indefinitely. Dr. Shick gently etches the front side of healthy teeth to accept these super-thin porcelain shells. A special dental lab fabricates the veneers according to Dr. Shick’s patient-specific instructions and dental impression.

In only 2 dental visits, Lumineers change a smile from uneven and dull to bright and dazzling. Both patients and Dr. Shick are pleased with the dramatic improvement.

Finally, restorative and cosmetic dentistry combine in a wonder called the dental implant. Dr. Shick uses this modern tooth replacement to:

From root to crown, the dental implant is truly a prosthetic tooth. In an in-office surgical procedure, Dr. Shick places a titanium screw into the patient’s empty tooth socket. After a period of healing, he puts a post and porcelain crown on the implant, blending the new tooth with its natural neighbors. The implant is secure and last for years because the titanium metal actually integrates with the jaw to create a super-secure anchor for the new tooth.

Patients report that Dr. Shick’s dental implants look, feel and perform just like real teeth! And, people brush and floss them just as though they are real.